National Margarita Day: America's Favorite Margaritas

National Margarita Day: America’s Favorite Margaritas

Ah, margaritas. There’s nothing more refreshing than the combination of tequila, triple sec, and zesty lime juice – and America agrees! According to Google Trends, Applebee’s famous $1 margaritas are making waves, with search volumes skyrocketing by 5000% in the last 12 months. Let’s not forget the social media frenzy – where users everywhere were raising their margarita glasses to the viral ‘One Margarita (Margarita Song)’ song. It’s clear as day – when it comes to margaritas, we’re all in!  

As National Margarita Day approaches on February 22nd, we’re celebrating by revealing America’s favorite margaritas! We utilized Google Trends to find the most sought-after margarita varieties in each state. Grab your salt-rimmed glasses and raise a toast to our beloved cocktail!  

Key Findings: 

Skinny margaritas take the crown as America’s top choice, according to 16 states 

Classic margaritas rank 2nd, with Spicy margaritas in 3rd as nationwide favorites  

Unusual margaritas that stole the spotlight include Texas margaritas and Matcha margaritas  

Salt, sip, repeat: Here are America’s favorite types of margaritas  

Skinny margaritas rank #1 as America’s favorite margaritas, as voted by 16 states. Google Trends reveals notable spikes in ‘Skinny margaritas’ around certain holidays, like Cinco de Mayo reaching an all-time high. The cocktail also gained search popularity the week leading up to the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and in the aftermath of Dry January. Once the calendar hit February 1st, skinny margarita searches grew by 122%! The trend suggests that skinny margaritas are the ultimate year-round cocktail choice!  

For those who crave something a bit stronger and sweeter, the classic margarita takes the runner-up spot as America’s 2nd most popular margarita, as indicated by 10 states. The classic margarita also hit peak interest for Cinco de Mayo, but also during Labor Day celebrations. The timeless simple yet traditional blend, also serves as a holiday favorite in America. 

Spicy margaritas come in 3rd as the nationwide favorite, according to the four states who like it hot: Alabama, California, D.C., and Wyoming. Infused with muddled jalapeño coins, this fiery variation adds that extra kick to the already delicious cocktail. It’s the perfect margarita for those who are looking to add a little spice to their life! 

Tied for 4th, are the festive White Christmas margaritas and the virgin margaritas. White Christmas margaritas are winter cocktails filled with delicious coconut milk and cream of coconut. Garnished with cranberries, this beautiful concoction delights residents in Georgia, Maryland and Virginia. Meanwhile, those in Iowa, Kansas, and Utah opt for virgin margaritas, savoring the taste without alcohol. 

Finishing off the top five list, Mistletoe margaritas, pomegranate margaritas, and frozen margaritas share a three-way tie for 5th place in the nationwide margarita ranking. For those who don’t know, Mistle margaritas are another festive delight, filled with cranberry juice, citrus, orange flavored liquor and tequila – a favorite in Washington. Pomegranate margaritas are a state favorite in Arizona, with frozen margaritas a cherished favorite in Vermont.   

Honorable mentions: Texas margaritas and Matcha margaritas  

When it comes to unique margarita names, flavors, and taste buds, Texas margaritas and Matcha margaritas emerged as standouts in our findings. Which states are embracing the unconventional twists on the classic cocktail?  

Surprisingly enough, Texas margaritas aren’t a Lone Star favorite, but an Oregon favorite! The only difference between a classic and a Texas margarita is that there’s fresh orange juice added in there. While the origin story of this southern-named cocktail remains a mystery, it’s ventured its way up the upper west coast of the nation! With a breakout search (search term growing over 5000%), Oregonians are clearly loving it. Could Texas margaritas be the next mimosas in Oregon?  

Extra, extra, drink all about it! Matcha margaritas are a hit in New York, as this unique flavor combo also hit breakout searches in Google Trends. The bright, vibrant, and apparently easy to drink cocktail, utilizes tequila, triple sec, agave, lime, and matcha powder. Claimed to be both zesty and earthy, New Yorkers find it the perfect cocktail for any occasion. We’ll believe it when we taste it.  


With an abundance of margarita variations to explore, you won’t be short of options this National Margarita Day! Whether you prefer something classic, frozen, spicy, or unique, let our nationwide findings serve as an inspiration for your next favorite margarita.  


In February 2024, we used Google Trends to identify the most searched-for margaritas in each state. Our search parameters were set to the last 12 months.  

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Author: Nathan Sanchez