World Photography Day: 7 stunning snaps

World Photography Day: 7 stunning snaps

Click! Don’t mind us, we’re just snapping away on our cameras to celebrate World Photography Day. It’s the one day of the year that we can all come together and share our fave pics. 

We just can’t get enough of taking photos these days. Whether it’s Instagramming our brunches, taking a selfie (or 10!) on a night out or enjoying a photoshoot with our pets, we’re all amateur photographers, even if we don’t realise. 

World Photography Day

In honour of World Photography Day, we wanted to reward some of our OJOers that have a talent for taking a stunning snap. So, we challenged our social media followers to send in their best summer pics. 

The top seven that were sent in have been rewarded with a prize! Drum roll please because the results are in… 

Congratulations to our seven winners, whose epic summer photos you can see below (in no particular order, of course!). If you haven’t already claimed your prize, please get in touch. And if you spend your voucher on something cool, snap another pic and share your goodies with the OJO crew!

The winning photos

1.  Stunning red clouds. Picturesque scene. Calm water. What’s not to love here from Eduardo?

2.  Doesn’t this snap from Christine just make you feel like you’re on holiday, watching the sunset with an ice cream in your hand? Bliss.

3.  Buzzzz! We couldn’t resist putting in this fuzzy, buzzy little guy that Jac snapped – what a sweetheart!

4. Phwoaaar, you wouldn’t want to hike up there! Craig had the right idea taking a pic from afar – and it really is gorgeous.

5. Little tip for our next photo competition – send in a sunset like Benny did because they’re absolutely stunning! 

6. Move over bee, there’s a new cutie in town. This little fella’s been caught yawning by Cath – it must be exhausting chasing that ball around the beach! 

7. Spooky. Mysterious. Stunning. We don’t have favourites, but this from Kayla might just be the best pic of the bunch! 

World Photograph Day

Aren’t they all gorgeous pics? We certainly think so! Let us know which one’s your favourite. And even though there aren’t any prizes left, we’d love to see more of your summer photos. Feel free to send pet pics, holiday snaps or anything else to make us jealous. 

If you missed out this time, don’t worry because we’ve got plenty more giveaways coming up. Keep an eye on our socials and follow #PlayOJOGiveaway for weekly freebies.

Author: Nathan Sanchez