Space Invaders Online Slot: An Arcade Evolution

Space Invaders Online Slot: An Arcade Evolution

Ah, Space Invaders, the iconic arcade game that invaded our hearts and minds back in 1978. Who knew back then that it would become a game-changer in the world of video gaming? Developed by Tomohiro Nishikado and released by Taito, our crabby little friends were a hit from the word go!

Back in the late ’70s, most games were simple affairs (anyone remember Frogger?), but then Space Invaders came with its alien invaders descending upon Earth. You remember how it went… you took control of a lone spaceship, and defended our planet from the incoming aliens. Simple gameplay made Space Invaders such an instant hit – it was easy to pick up and play but oh so difficult to master.

But Space Invaders didn’t stop at gaming. Ah, it was so much more than just a game – it had in fact become a cultural craze. People were wearing Space Invader T-shirts, carrying Space Invader lunchboxes and there was even pop song called “Space Invaders” by Player One that made the charts in 1980. Remember this catchy little number?

Space Invaders has kept on evolving over the years, with adaptations on home consoles like the Nintendo Switch and the like.

And then came the feel-good fun way to enjoy Space Invaders on your screen… with Space Invaders online slot and Space Invaders Slingo!

Space Invaders Online Slot

Let’s start with the intergalactic Space Invaders slot. Just like the arcade game, the slot puts you in command of a snazzy spaceship at the bottom of the screen. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you totally should), is to blast those pesky aliens as they descend. The more invaders you take out, the more cosmic cash you can rack up. Pew pew!

Space Invaders slot has some epic special features too. Keep an eye out for the UFO Wilds that can swoop in at any time, turning your reels wild for a chance to send your winnings into the stratosphere.

There’s also the Invaders Turn Wild feature – look out for the cannon below the reels which can fire whenever it stops under reel 2 or 4. The cannon will then blast away low value symbols from the reel above and transform them into wild symbols if they create a win. Plus, if you get a win with a wild, your outcome will be doubled, you space tycoons!

Keep your eyes peeled for the UFO flying above the reels too – if the UFO and cannon align when the reels stop, the UFO Wild feature is triggered. That’s when the fun starts! The cannon will shoot the UFO and reward you with a re-spin with up to 9 added wilds, which can rack up astronomical wins if you get 5 or more wilds.

Space Invaders Slingo game

Slingo is a fun combo game where slots meet bingo. Super fun, super innovative, and it can be super rewarding too.

So how does Space Invaders Slingo work? Once again, you’re the commander of your Slingo spaceship, and your mission is to take down alien invaders while marking numbers on your Slingo card. The more aliens you eliminate, the closer you get to achieving Slingos and winning far out prizes.

What makes Space Invaders Slingo special is the revival of those iconic alien invaders. Each successful shot at an alien reveals numbers on your card, increasing your chances of hitting those Slingos and claiming your cosmic rewards.

But there’s more to discover in this space-themed Slingo extravaganza. Keep an eye out for the UFO Wilds, which can appear at any moment, turning your card into a bingo celebration. And don’t miss the Big Money Bonus, for a chance to lift-off with massive prizes. Whether you’re a seasoned Slingo player or a newcomer looking for an exciting twist on bingo, Space Invaders Slingo by Inspired Gaming offers an out-of-this-world gaming experience. To playtime and beyond!

Author: Nathan Sanchez