Rainbow Riches Live | OJO Show Podcast

Rainbow Riches Live | OJO Show Podcast

Just when I thought I’d played every game released in December, I realised I’d missed one. And what a game to miss, too!

Think of it what you will, but the original Rainbow Riches slot has stood the test of time more than any other online slot in history. This is a game released in 2009 that is STILL in the top 10 played every month. Madness.  

So, when Light & Wonder’s live casino brand, Authentic Gaming, were tasked with making their second live game show, what better slot to combine it with. 

Rainbow Riches isn’t a game you’ll understand in an instant, because there are a few moving parts. In my latest podcast, I look at how it works. Plus, I tell you what I make of this new entrant into the exciting live game show category.

If you haven’t played it yet, Rainbow Riches Live is a Frankenstein’s monster where roulette meets slot, and it’s created to rival the likes of Red Door Roulette.  

It’s got four elements – single numbers with regular payouts, random multipliers of up to 500x assigned to six numbers on every spin, a group of symbol-based side bets with payouts of up to 1,500x, and finally a cheeky little Rainbow Riches bonus game that pops up every now and then. 

Is Rainbow Riches Live any good?

There are many reasons to give this new game show a spin. First of all, live game shows are where it’s at right now. The table game scene has remained unchanged for decades, but that’s all changed in an instant. Check out Mega Fire Blaze Roulette, Crazy Time or even Jumanji, and you’ll see what I mean.  

But why Rainbow Riches Live? Well, I can’t deny it’s got some Celtic charm, though I’m more interested in the maximum multipliers, which are impressive. These are slot-sized payouts, being applied to a casino game that can usually only muster up 35 to 1 odds at best. In Rainbow Riches Live, the right sequence of numbers, multipliers and bonus game could deliver a payout of 7,500 times your stake.

Rainbow Riches Live

Where other live game shows have between two and six lucky numbers identified on each spin, Rainbow Riches Live always picks exactly six roulette numbers – no more, no less. And the multipliers I saw were usually in the region of 50x-200x, with the occasional 500x thrown in.  

The symbol side bets are probably the big draw for many players, as they’re something entirely new. As well as straight up bets on the roulette table, you can bet on eight different symbols lifted from the original Rainbow Riches online slot. This part of the game has nothing to do with the roulette wheel. It all happens on the TV screen next to the host, while the ball is still circling the wheel. It adds an extra layer of intrigue, another dimension of payouts.

Rainbow Riches Live

Is there a bonus game?

Of course! The only bit of the game that is full-on, Rainbow Riches heritage is the bonus game. Don’t expect bells and whistles on the scale of the Crazy Time bonus in Red Door Roulette. Nope, this one’s a nice little bonus for everyone at the table. Depending on what the iconic leprechaun chooses, it could be a nice 5x bump on anything you win.  

Rainbow Riches was released in December. It’s a fresh cut I’d recommend to all live casino fans, with stakes starting at 10p per bet.  


Author: Nathan Sanchez