Learn how to talk like a pirate

Learn how to talk like a pirate

Ahoy there! It’s ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’ so we thought we’d give the OJO crew a little language lesson. After all, every day’s a school day! 

Do you want to impress your friends? Or try to fit in on the off chance you find yourself on a pirate ship? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – we’d hate to see you have to walk the plank. 

To celebrate this prestigious day, we’ve put together a list of phrases (and their definitions) that will have you speaking like a pirate in no time.

How to talk like a pirate

Ahoy: Hello 

Arrrr: A general exclamation or a response meaning ‘yes’ 

Avast Ye: Listen up 

Batten Down the Hatches: A storm is on its way so tie everything down 

Booty: Anything that’s been stolen from somebody else 

Bounty: The reward for capturing a vigilante 

Briny Deep: The ocean 

Davy Jones’ Locker: A graveyard at the bottom of the ocean 

Dead Men Tell No Tales: A threat to kill somebody 

Fire in the Hole: A cannon is going to be fired 

Landlubber: Someone that can’t sail 

Loot: Stolen goods 

Matey: A good friend 

Me Hearties: My friends 

Plunder: Steal 

Scallywag: An inexperienced pirate 

Scurvy: A disease or a derogatory term 

Seadog: A veteran sailor 

Shanty: A song 

Siver Me Timbers: An expression of surprise or disbelief 

Thar She Blows: Said when a whale has been spotted 

Three Sheets to the Wind: Somebody that is very drunk 

Walk the Plank: When someone is forced to walk into the sea to drown 

Yo Ho Ho: A cheerful expression

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Author: Nathan Sanchez